GUILLOCHE OROBICO-this Italian marble includes all 50 shades of gray, it's like a mountain river, worrying and creating intricate patterns, rushes on the surface of marble, taking us on a journey through the Italian style and taste.
GUILLOCHE OROBICO-has a magical structure every sleb is a work of art, each piece is unique and exclusive. Buying Italian marble GUILLOCHE OROBICO, you get bright tapeworm that will decorate your House or apartment, as well as to give Italian touch. The structure of this marble dense and fine grained, perfectly keeps polishing, does not absorb moisture, and has high frost resistant characteristics.
Natural Italian marble has the following physical characteristics:
volumetric weight-from 2.65 to 2.90 t/m3;
compression resistance-from 50 to 250 MN/m2 (500-2500 kgf/cm2);
abrasion-from 0.40 to 3.20 g/cm2;
water absorption-from 0.15 to 0.50%.

Important properties of marble:
Stone is easily polished, it has a high degree of plasticity.
He finds great practical application when creating the Interior, gives the room a unique and colorful appearance.
Stone oblaet high degree of durability, resistant to wear and tear.
Thanks to its special heat resistance, it can be used in fireplaces.

Available Dew has more delicate pattern with pink-gray veins in comparison with other marbles this color palette, such as Bianco Carrara or Kalakatta.
Classical Greek marbles Available Mildew applies across the Board. Pure white marble with a pinkish haze in great demand both from professionals and private clients.
Stone used mainly for inner lining. For external furnish of GUILLOCHE ROSE, like other marble,
use is not recommended. Into the inner facing of the House the Italian marble has all necessary for the operation of the wear-resistant characteristics.
The use of marble Available Dew:
  • Marble Available Mildew use mainly for inner lining. Marble have a good coloring, blends perfectly with all colors.
  • Greek marble Available Mildew use for furnish of walls and fireplaces of apartments, offices and homes. 3D marble processing Available Mildew can give stone a more decorative appearance.
  • Stone is used for cladding of floors and stairs inside the premises (mostly residential houses, apartments and townhouses).
  • More often than not white marble Available Mildew use for furnish of bathrooms and kitchens. It also produce countertops, sinks and shower trays.

Bianco Carrara marble made in Italy in the city of Carrara. Has a white (light grey) color with dark streaks and blotches of different sizes. Ideal for facing external facades, columns and interior décor.

Marble Bianco Carrara is one of the most elegant marbles, which began in the ancient world. The presence of Bianca Carrara in the Interior will give him peace of mind and serenity. Products made izmramora Bianco Carrara, look how the museum works of art, therefore, to give your design, monumentality advise buy marble exactly Bianco Carrara.