Artificial stone facade facing

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The hallmark of any structure is its façade. If we look at the preserved old houses, with 100% chance we will see that the outer walls of buildings necessarily finish. This can be stucco, granite cladding, marble or other natural material. It is through the external protection of facades of old buildings delight us with their beautiful appearance. Therefore, if you want to give the building a respectable and presentable appearance, as well as provide elevation durability and firmness to external influences, the best option will be facing natural or artificial stone. That same take today, as do the façade of your home unique and at the same time protecting the walls from outside influences — wind, temperature, precipitation?

Advantages of furnish of facades of natural stone

Facades of limestone, granite, marble, travertine has many obvious advantages:

  • Durability and durability. Natural stone can withstand large loads, bending, compression fractures. With proper installation and proper care this finish will last for dozens of years.
  • Ecology of stone facing does not emit harmful substances Wednesday in the environment.
  • High thermal mass-contributes to cooling House in heat and conserve heat during the cold season. In turn, this allows you to save on air conditioning and heating.
  • The uniqueness of coloring and drawing. Natural stone has a unique appearance and a huge expense item allows you to make your unique façade
  • Resistance to weathering material resistant to temperature changes, abundant precipitation, ultraviolet.