Natural stone flooring

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Natural stone flooring can beautify not only in palaces, halls of major public institutions! Today common making considered marble and granite floors in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and even in the living room.


Natural stone has a unique pattern and color
-Natural stone Flooring is almost timeless, not blurred and not vytaptyvaûtsâ
-Stone floors are resistant to moisture and temperature changes
-Granite and marble floors are very easy to wash-just arrange the wet cleaning and good to rub their

There are many options for laying stone floors-can be folded into curlicues, execute the marble floor in the form of a multicolored mosaic or geometrical figure. Combination with other marble stone rocks can give additional effect of originality and do figure more interesting.

Marble flooring will give cool in the summer and a feeling of comfort during the cold season. Natural stone floors represent the dignity and high standing. Natural stone in the hallway demonstrates the guests whom they came and how high can the status be owners living in this luxury home.

For example in the hallway or kitchen is more practical to use granite. This is a very durable material that is not afraid of abrasive particles and reagents which may fall from the street into the room. We recommend you to use granite in places with high traffic: it does not lose over time, polishing is not erased, has very low water absorption. Features colors of granite — diversity and graininess, themselves are very comfortable qualities for premises with a heavy load. Particles of dust and dirt on the granite surface will be practically invisible. Thus the unique properties of natural granite will provide your granite floor flawless appearance for years to come.

Marble from nature more "cozy" material than granite, which is very important from an aesthetic point of view. All interior rooms except hallway, preference is given to sex of marble and Onyx.

Thus the floor of marble or granite may be relevant not only for accommodation, but also for Office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops and even offices.