Baths of natural and artificial stone

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Wellstone can offer wide range of elite sanitary engineering for bathroom, one of its elements is a stone bath. On our website you can see all the models of stone baths, their features and modifications. We want to notice, that it is possible to produce a bath of any size and any kind of natural stone, represented on the stone sinks website page. To make an order or costs calculation for one or another model, you can send us a photo, draft or even a picture of any bath and we will make it for you from natural stone.

Bath is an oblong vessel, designed especially for bathing, washing for medical or hygienic purpose. Bath of natural stone is a serious interior object, having an esthetic sense besides of functional meaning. Purchasing such an element of  bathroom interior, you get also a rich decorative potential of the chosen product.

It is worth noting that the beauty and unrepeatable colour palette of natural stone baths turn a usual water treatment in pleasure.

We offer you:

  • modern stone baths with refined forms, that cause admiration;
  • classic forms for those who prefer classic;
  • bright and provocative types of baths from semiprecious stone onyx;
  • elite baths, produced from whole nature boulder without edges handling or just stone baths in exact style (for example, old).

Bathroom of nature materials

Someone choose antique options – cooper baths, which were used by nobility in antique. Someone prefers cast iron products by French rococo style and baroque style or enameled, decorated with gilding and handwriting. And other keen on exclusive interiors prefer exclusively natural stone. Elite stone baths perfectly fit any bathroom interiors and are not only the most durable and wearproof, but also the most complex in producing. Elite sanitary engineering such as bath of natural stone is produced of whole lump of natural minerals – marble, travertine of granite – extracted with a special way and selected by certain technology, which allows to save its colour, structure and to avoid cracks. Such bath is a very old invention of a humanity, and it does not require some special service; it is not a subject to cracking, run-out and corrosion.

The features of onyx stone bath

Truly exclusive and unbelievable beautiful things can be produced of marble onyx, which is a type of agate and a semiprecious nature stone, layers in it are parallel to each other. All products of it look expensive and in the same time unusual, because the mineral have a transparent structure, inside of it there are pink, green and yellow veins. Modern elite baths of this stone cause true admiration at first glance.

From the ancient times it is considered that constant touch with onyx is very healthy for nervous system and whole organism.

We also note that this mineral is transparent. You can use this opportunity and emphasize the refinement of nature material with lightning and create a beautiful effect in your room.

Let yourself enjoy the harmony, refinement and natural beauty of mineral aged for three billion years, embodied in elegant form of stone bath, designed by talented modern designers.