Granite, marble fountains

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For you all the variety of shapes, sizes and colors of exclusive water fountains made of natural granite for cottages, Park, cottage, Garden, street and home!

Luxurious granite fountains, shrouded in bright splashes of sparkling stream water jets-fascinating spectacle. And fountains made of granite (unlike marble, cast, composite and concrete fellow) and yet surprisingly durable-retain their original appearance for dozens or even hundreds of years.

We offer stone fountains, hand-made. In selling a wide variety of styles and sizes model: from the classical gardens of stone fountain complexes to avant-garde designer interior compositions.

Natural granite has very low water absorption, high resistance to temperature, maximum durable and decorative is one of the best natural materials for making fountains.

How to buy granite fountain on our website:

  1. Choose a product name that you want.
  2. Call our consultants by phone at +7 (843) 259-65-08 or apply on the site by specifying your choice of the correct size, color of the stone.
  3. Receive a detailed reply on the cost, availability, terms and cost of delivery, terms of payment, possibility of ordering products with specified characteristics, installation instructions.
  4. Phase of harmonization and payment under the contract.
  5. We deliver directly to your fountain installation.
  6. Assembly and connection of the fountain on the scheme-all products are easy to install as much as possible.

Sale of fountains available from stock

The company "Wellstone" is one of the few companies on the Russian market, who not only manufacture stone granite fountains, but also the sale of finished products.

Delivery time depends on your location and the cost of transport dimensions products.  All the products are checked by TCI, transport packaging fully meets the safety standards and ensures that all elements of the fountain.

The range is constantly changing and being updated. You can write in the application form or request a callback by specifying the product of your interest. We as soon as possible, provide all the information you need on the value and characteristics of the products.

Sales of garden and outdoor fountains of stone under the order

Stone fountains in order for individual projects-exclusive elements of landscape design.

Prices may vary depending on the material and equipment. We have extensive experience of producing exclusive granite fountains to order, both for private customers and for organizations, including through participation in tenders and competitions.

Installing stone fountain

In the design and manufacture of our fountains, the principle of maximum ease of installation and maintenance:

  • In many models (small garden and Interior fountains, fountains for washing hands) wiring connections for water already installed — it only remains to fill the outer bowl of water and connect the pump to the mains.
  • For large street and stone fountains various variants of installation and connection: external Bowl-pool (base is prepared for mounting the bowl and pump) or installing a fountain without Bowl.

The design allows you to retrieve and maintain pumps without dismantling the granite part.

Granite is a natural stone, always with a unique pattern and shades tints.  Production of water fountains-handcrafted. Therefore, each stone fountain, made for you will be unique and exclusive in its way. Fulfill orders for designing and manufacturing products for copyright drawings or drawings

Buy granite fountain in Kazan, Moscow from the company "Wellstone" delivery and installation in any city and region. We are always available and ready to answer any of your questions +7 (843) 259-65-08

Delivery to any city CIS promptly and reliably.