Granite and marble columns from natural stone

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At all times granite and marble columns emphasized buildings’ greatness and elegance. Stone columns carry severe functional burden and were used in construction of temples, palaces and other important buildings.

Materials and colours

Toughness and durability of natural stone are proven for centuries. Only due to greeks and romans who made their columns from granite and marble, we have an opportunity to admire its’ beauty to this day.

Marble columns texture richness  will accentuate delicacy of a building (both outside and inside) and owners’ refined taste. And columns’ severity and hardness will impart status and seriousness.

Characteristics and features

Classic stone column contains of several parts: base, body and cap. Under the base can be settled floor, pedestal or plinth (stylobate). Above the cap of classic stone column is situated abaca – plinth (or it’s imitation) with straight or figured edges. Column body can be flat or with cannelures (parallel gutters along the body), and also straight or with entasis (decreasing diameter from 1/3 high to top of the column). There are tubby column bodies too.

There are several types of stone columns: full column (left), halfcolumn – column that on 1/3 sunk in the wall (middle), wall pier (or “dummy column”) – flat column, outstanding from the wall for 1/8 – ¼ of its’ width (right).

Column of any type can be manufactured fully from stone or cover prepared form (metal, concrete or brick)with stone. This method helps to decrease costs.

Columns and halfcolumns are usually covered with radial segments or plinth. In last case the surface becomes faceted, but this type of cover will cost much cheaper.


Besides of using the columns in construction of public buildings, last years it became popular to apply columns in private houses construction. Stone columns can have different forms and sizes and look good even in small room.

Production and packing

Stone column production uses specific equipment and hand work. Complexity of production depends on type, sizes, form of columns and installation conditions.

Stone columns are products with individual sizes and forms, because of that “Wellstone” company produces it only to order. Manufacturing and material base of company gives an opportunity to realize any client ideas. Specialist of Quality service is conducting inspection and packing the order to prevent transporting problems.

Delivery, cost and terms

Because of different individual sizes and forms of columns in each order, cost of it can’t be defined without detailed project. Generally column cost firstly depends on its’ type, kind of used stone and sizes. To get exact price, please send us sketch or draft with sizes using form below, or contact our manager by phone in Contacts page.

We produce and regularly deliver our production in all regions of Russia operatively and inexpensively. Delivery is organized straight to clients place.