Iconostasis from natural and artificial stone

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Iconostasis from greek language means “place for icons”, it is a product of orthodox culture and uses to be an essential part of temple construction. It consists of several rows of icons, situated in certain order, and brings a lot of meanings and functions.

Iconostasis should become a decoration and a pride of any orthodox temple. Carved iconostases, made by competent carving masters, are great pieces of art and craft, following the old traditions of decorating orthodox monasteries. It can be thin ad weightless or complex and majestic – both implement function of framing icons and abandons the main altar part of temple. Anyway, iconostasis will not be ignored, because it’s one of the main elements of temple decor.

Temple iconostasis is designated to separate central part of church from altar, it represents a portal between real and higher world. During the work on marble iconostasis master tries to materialize feelings from higher world and create an image of paradise garden, in which icons are situated.

Iconostasis covered with carving of natural stone shows maximum range of the play of light and shadow.


Elements of volume-formed decor are made by original project, designed  especially for the temple, which imitates carving on wood or stone. For manufacturing icons, iconostasis body and kiots we use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). Decorative elements are made of modern and long-lived materials – usually it’s a casting stone (but it is always possible to work with fiberglass and polyurethane foam elements).

During the work on iconostasis we confirm conditions below:

  • for icon board making we use linden and cypress or other noble trees (by order);
  • for gluing an icon boards we use scrapings glue;
  • ground colour consists gelatin or scrapings glue;
  • iconostasis body made of pine, oak, linden, etc.;
  • rear side of iconostasis can be closed by plywood, fixed by screws, if necessary – so it can be easily changed if decrepit;
  • to decorate iconostasis we use natural ground colour, gilding and basma;
  • we cover the surface with ground colour and multi-component varnish after toning with natural stain and can be also covered with glass.

We implement projecting and producing carved iconostases from artificial white stone, kiots, altars, indoor temple decoration elements such as columns, arches, portals by own or client projects.