Kitchen countertop made of natural and artificial stones

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Granite, malachite, marble and also semi-precious stones have long been considered as a piece of luxury in the interior and found only in the decoration of the palace. Today, modern technologies of “artificial stone” manufacture allow anyone to get a stylish and functional kitchen countertop or wall panels or window sill. Not only attractive surface provides popularity, but also a number of practical advantages:

Such functional and elegant attribute as a stone  kitchen countertop is very popular and has a number of positive aspects:

1. Reliability and durability.

Although most of the manufacturers give a guarantee of not more than 5-10 years, we know that it is more than 15-20 years according to people’s comments who use stone countertops!

Kitchen countertops made of artificial stone are resistant to adverse conditions of use. They don’t warp after contact with hot and temperature drops.

The strength index of such items exceeds other types of natural stone.

2. Practicality and ease of care.

Countertops are easy to clean. They are easy to use in the kitchen and in your everyday life. Finely-abrasive detergents are also suitable to cleanse.

3. Hygienic

Artificial stone structure provides high moisture and fat resistance. It does not allow the formation of stable, stubborn dirt and provides reliable protection from mold and mildew formation in the kitchen.

4. Maintenance and surface restoration.

Managed to make a small stone chip? Or noticed a “strange” spot on the surface?

Very seldom but scratches or small cracks may appear on the surface. However, this problem is easy to solve by grinding just by yourself.

If cleavage or other major damage happens our master will quickly pick up a suitable tone and will restore your countertop literally within an hour.

5. A variety of design solutions

Artificial stone makes it possible to get almost seamless, molded, and even multi-layered surface of any form. Together with a wide range of colors it gives an opportunity to implement almost any design ideas.

And at the same time (if you wish) countertop of such material doesn’t stand out in comparison with natural stone.

In addition, the artificial stone countertops are not of heavy price, justifying every “penny” spent on it.

Practicality and variety of decor are the principal factors when ordering artificial stone countertops. They fit perfectly any design and look stylish even in the studio apartments. If desired, you can perform countertops transitions in the racks, the bar and others.

Kitchen countertop made of artificial stone is a stylish interior solution.