Natural and artificial paving stones

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Paving stone is an extremely popular building and decorative material. Paving blocks are made from natural stone and turn into easy-to-use material. It is made by coping of larger pieces of stone and grinding the blocks into a rectangular shape. Paving stones are an environmentally-friendly material (the price of paving stones is low). It’s due to the fact that the sandstone is a natural material and moreover, is characterized by inertia and high hardness. Such features of paving stone greatly expand range of application of the finishing material. Off-season prices on paving stones are the bargain.

Material utilization.

Over the last years, paving stones are becoming more popular. They make active use of paving stones both in cities and individual conduit (including the country side). Create a scenic walkway or make a statement with a distinctive drive way using a single stone or a unique pattern of complementary pavers in front of the house, cottage or suburban buildings.

Paving stone tolerates temperature changes over a wide range and resists to changes in humidity. Paving blocks have porous structure (as against asphalt) so as a result no puddle occurs on the pavement after rain. All excess moisture goes into the ground rapidly. In case of proper service of such coatings their life may be a few decades. Demand goes up continuously for this finishing material in the sphere of private construction. As mentioned above, paving stone is a natural, environmentally-friendly material that attracts consumers. In addition, the paving stone is a certain style, a sign of consistency and refined taste.

In addition to the traditional use of pavers (paving playgrounds, paths, sidewalks), it is increasingly used for proper landscaping of gardening area: finishing waterfalls, pools, artificial ponds, flower beds, gardens, for the construction of retaining walls and beautiful alpine gardens.

The price of paving stones

Paving blocks from ancient times are used for paving roads, squares, streets, boulevards. It is convenient for arranging the tracks in private homes, creating sustainable and practical cover. This material has proven itself even in the Middle Ages in the towns and castles. In modern times, you can also purchase an imitation of medieval paving stones. Rock stone bar is the paving. It has the shape of a rectangle and is cut by the diamond circular saw. Making pavers of natural stone is a very time-consuming process in comparison to the process of making paving slabs. But it’s well worth it because in the end we get a more durable, eco-friendly material, so it’s highly ranked.

The road, which is lined with sandstone blocks, is of higher quality and more sustainable, unlike the concrete coating. This type of coating can serve over thirty years and can withstand all weather conditions, temperature extremes, bumps, vibration, acid rain.

Block stone is a beautiful classic stone that has proven itself over many centuries, and is still preserved in some streets. It is worth mentioning that it doesn’t lose its edge. Processing and production of raw materials for stone pavers is a simple task, so you can always buy paving stones without any problems. Prices for paving are low and accessible to every customer. Manufacturers usually offer a variety of different colors with unique patterns and textures of stone. Texture of stone blocks is from rough to smooth. There are various colors to choose from blue-green different shades of yellow. You may buy paving stones at any time convenient for you, just dial the phone number and make an order.

The most important use of block stones is paving. Walkways decorated by paving stones are beautiful, durable and economical. This material is used to create a landscape design. It is frost resistant and has low abrasion. Paving stones do not emit harmful substances into the air and, therefore, considered to be quite harmless. The prestige and popularity of the material today is obvious. A wide range of pavers embodies all of your fantasies into reality and creates everything according to your taste. Price for paving is always available and will appeal to any customer.

Even if you do not have more resources for the improvement of your place, the price of paving will pleasantly surprise and delight you. The material is very easy to install, it is important to conduct a proper soil preparation for the laying of the material. You can use paving stones, even repeatedly, for example, during repair work, that is, dig and move the stone blocks, this does not spoil it. Cobblestones are resistant to vertical and horizontal impacts. For example, even heavy trucks can pass through it, and it won’t be spoilt or lose its surface appearance. You may buy paving stone by calling us.
There is another exceptional factor. There are gaps in paving which give moisture to penetrate and freely evaporate, so the surface never puddles.

Paving stone varieties

Stone pavers, which are made of natural stone (basalt, granite or marble). The price for this type of paving will be high, but the quality is going to be even higher. Methods of making stone pavers can be sawn-split, split and sawn. Concrete paving prices are low but it has high strength. Clinker pavements, which are produced from crude product made from clay in the form of bricks. We sell products made of natural stone in any volume. You may buy stone blocks by us. Call:  +7 (843) 259-65-08 and order at any time convenient for you. Our experts will navigate you in the range of our products so you’ll choose the best for yourself.