Natural and artificial stone countertops for bathroom

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Bathroom – is not just another room in the apartment, it is the place for your daily ritual that everyone makes. It should not only be functional and convenient, but also aesthetically pleasing, pleasing to the eye, because it is a place for relaxation. Rare bathrooms can boast a large size, but even the smallest bathroom can be arranged in such a way to put all essentials.

Столешница из натурального камня

Countertop for bathroom is one of the most important elements of the interior. It’s possible to put lockers for your toiletries, washing machine or hide communications under countertop basin. Countertops vary in material and design.

The sink can be mounted in a special locker, which is used for storing toiletries or household trivia. In stores you can find ready-made cabinets with sink.

According to the method of mounting there can be distinguished

  • Base bend with legs.
  • Suspended models on brackets.

By design, countertops are:

  •  Monolithic.
  • With built-in sink.
  • With worktop washbasin.

Solid countertops are easier to install, easy to care and they have an elegant surface. Washing machine is convenient to install under the integrally cast countertop in small bathroom.


Countertops materials

Countertops are made of different materials, natural and artificial:

  • Natural stone: onyx, granite, marble
  • Artificial stone: quartz agglomerate
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • MDF
  • Mosaic
  • gypsum board

All materials have their advantages and disadvantages associated with their characteristics. Let us consider each of them.

Table tops made of natural stone. Marble countertops for the bathroom will become a real decoration. Marble gives any room feeling of luxury and elegance. One may combine natural stone with any other materials. Stone looks especially harmonious with glass, ceramic, mirror and chrome in the bathroom. The table top can be of any color, contrasting color or be close to the rest of the surfaces in the bathroom. It is made of a single stone, with the sink hole carved. Marble has many advantages: it is durable, which means it does not change its color, does not crack, and does not change due to water or high temperatures, easy to operate. The main drawback of marble and onyx is their high price. Granite is a more popular material. It is a bit cheaper and also strong and durable. Granite has a different grain size, which explains the huge number of color variations.

Important! Table tops made of natural stone cannot be cleaned with abrasive means, avoid contact with dyes. The stone has a high porosity, it will be impossible to remove the paint.

Natural stone can be used as a coating layer of the countertop. This will help to lower the price of the product, while its advantages are not reduced.


Glass countertops. Glass countertops are becoming widely popular lately. They are pretty easy to care for. Just wipe it using microfiber cloth. This type of countertops doesn’t collect mold and fungus and also doesn’t absorb odors. High quality glass countertops are very durable. They are made of tempered glass, which allows to heavy loads. They are difficult to leave scratches on the surfaces. Glass surface is ideal for a small bathroom; it doesn’t conceal space but adds volume. Glass blends with mirrors, tiles and other materials traditionally used for finishing the bathroom. Glass countertops are often sold along with sinks; since it’s not easy to fit a specific sink size in it.

Bathroom countertops made of artificial stone. Artificial stone is made of quartz. Quartz agglomerate is natural quartz processed by special technology. Quartz chips are used in manufacture. The material has a huge color palette. This countertop is very sturdy and solid, it does not scratch, is resistant to temperature extremes, it does not absorb water and does not form mold, environmentally friendly, easy to operate. It’s possible to mix quartz chips with other materials, to get a variety of colors and textures. Working with quartz agglomerate is very simple. We can make uneven countertops with smooth transitions or panels of different levels. Seamless joint can be made with other materials and sink.

Plastic countertops for bathrooms. Plastic countertops attract customers by its low price and great choice of design. Plastic is great for the bathroom, it is moisture and mechanical damage resistant. Since the material is very light it’s easy to install such type of countertops. However, the plastic surface is unlikely to last long. It forms mold and can change the color.

Стеклянная столешница

Wooden countertops for the bathroom. Countertops made of wood are not so practical, but look very beautiful and elegant. They are ideal for bathrooms in eco-style. Natural materials with a good coating will last long time. It is quite resistant to moisture, does not swell and does not rot, even if the coating is damaged.

Less durable countertops made of MDF. Constant humidity in the room may lead to swelling of the material, especially those places of joints. The top layer of the material often peels off. One may cover the table top made of MDF or gypsum board with a beautiful mosaic which will prolong its service life.

We make tile mosaic or with mirror pieces. Unique mosaic becomes the center of the bathroom. It can make the ensemble with walls or floor. The main thing when you create a mosaic for the countertop it is essential to cover all the joints and seams properly. Otherwise, they may appear to accumulate dirt and fungus.

Столешница из натурального камня

How to choose a bathroom countertop

When choosing countertops you should think about the fastener type. The base bend and suspended models both easy to connect to the water system. And it’s easy to build in lockers in base bend structure. Suspended models should be lighter; it eliminates a large number of cabinets. The washing machine is easy to hide under such construction.

The large bathroom can accommodate wall cabinets and shelves. In this case you should choose a small countertop, for example, made of glass, which will add light and space. When choosing countertops it’s necessary to pay attention to the countertop with pedestal, they are ideal for baths of standard size.

Мойка из камня

Ordering a countertop you should also choose a sink . The entire structure depends on its type. Built-in, one-piece, invoice sink are differ in their ways of installation. Do not forget about the design. Countertop should fit the interior, color and texture of the entire room including bathroom equipment.