Natural and artificial stone flowerpots

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Outdoor flowerpots and vases for garden.

As is known, nothing is better for interior than accessories. Any small detail can fulfill a whole picture. Garden vases – these details, which can complete and finish the interior of your garden. Trees and flowers in stylish outdoor flowerpots along the lanes, on the terrace, near the pool or doors can greatly transform your garden, add not only beauty, but some prestige too. Outdoor vases can also help to form some specific style in garden. For example, classic garden can be completed by elegant wrought-iron benches, stone steps and balustrades, and of course refined garden vases in classic style. Or if you keen on modern interiors, you will enjoy garden vases from contemporary collection. These vases have simple forms and smooth “laquer” coating, similar to thick varnished ceramics.

Artificial stone garden flowerpots

If you interested in stone flowerpots, you should take note, that artificial stone is lighter than natural stone. Because of that garden vases made of artificial stone is lighter than ones made of natural stone. You can easily move them from place to place as you wish. Besides, artificial stone is persistent for harmful influence of atmospheric condensation such as rain or snow, and also it does not afraid of dampness and heat. To crown all these advantages – it strong enough and resistant to drops  and beats. All artificial stone flowerpots covered with special compound protecting from ultraviolet radiation, that prevents burning colours. Almost all products have drain hole for extra water derivation. Besides the importance for plants, due to this hole you can leave flowerpots of artificial stone in the garden for winter. Previously make sure there is no water inside them to protect from cracking.

Outdoor garden vases: colours and sizes

Outdoor garden vases can be manufactured in several different sizes from small to large. It makes possible to put in them even trees and bushes. Classic collection also contains plinth for outdoor flowerpots and drinker for birds.

Classic collection can be produced in three colours: “black silver”, “beige” and “brown”. Garden flowerpots of contemporary collection usually produced in black, beige and brown colours, exept some models, that can be white and grey coloured. Each colour make flowerpots look different, so they obtain another appearance. It allows to pick up outdoor vases in the one tone with overall decor and style of your garden, courtyard or terrace.