Natural and faux edgestones

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Edgestone is a figurate edger great for roadway and walkway separation and is a required element for paving roads. It is also used in lawn, hills and ponds design. Edgers of natural stone are made from granite of various fields. Variety of colors makes them perfectly fit into any interior.

Natural edgestone is not only a high strength, but also the aesthetic beauty. They can be of different granite (Vasilevsky, chovnovsky, mezhirichsky, didkovichsky) gabbro, labradorite. The exterior of edgestones unwittingly attracts the eye as it looks harmonious and perfect. Edgers of natural stone can be used for a very long time, all the natural borders are resistant to weathering, have the highest strength.

Granite borders are the most durable and pleasing ones. Granite is not just a finishing material,
but also a natural material that is sustainable to ultraviolet light. It has a high density and absorbs water minimally. Granite border is a beauty and elegance of your pavement. It may be of different colors: red, pink, orange, light gray, black, brown … It is unpretentious in everyday life as well as reliable and durable.

Granite has almost no interstices, and thus it possesses moisture and frost resistance. The price of natural edgestones is higher than of concrete ones, but it is compensated by the product’s durability and functional performance.

Compete on quality with granite can only marble edgestone. Marble is the most demanded building stone. Easy to handle, grind and polish.  It is very durable. The edger of this natural stone is timeless and practical, as well as it will show true taste.

Natural edgestone can be off-standard:
• textured;
• figurate;
• honed;
• multitextured.

Any kind of natural stone edgers gives originality and personality to your landscape. Borders of natural stone are durable. When walking on the favorite pavement you will enjoy the purchase. Compositions made from such products will decorate your garden and local area, and will add rigor and solemnity to your place.