Stone garden houses and rotunda

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Stone garden houses and rotundas for many centuries were trendy and expressive element of landscape architecture of most European town parks and suburban residences of Premium class, and essentially spread in Russia. Stone rotunds and garden houses were designed in antiquity from marble or granite, included columns and balustrade elements; people always marveled with their pithiness, strictness of forms, accuracy of lines. Nowadays stone elements of rotunda and garden houses fully or partly involved both in interior and exterior. That is often disarming the most advanced designers and architects. These fundamental stone constructions became “classic” and expensive as pieces of art. Many people will enjoy the uniqueness and durability of rotundas and garden houses of natural stone, constructed on the territory of suburban house.

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Marble in not the most suitable material for garden house and rotunda construction. Temperature fluctuations in winter and autumn, snow and rain can cause changes of colour and cracking.

Rotund of natural stone

Rotunda is a round construction, since old times it included such supporting element as columns, which carried a dome. A space between columns along the perimeter was often filled by balustrades, railings and radial stone benches. The dome was installed on architrave, which united the columns.

Nowadays classic rotunda is a Premium product and it doesn’t allow delights and decorations that usually small architectural forms products have. The rotund itself is the decoration of the park, and its beauty is in strictness and pithiness.

Indispensable part of classic rotund is a dome, which crowns the construction and visible far from the house.

Stone garden house

Stone garden house is traditionally calls the associations with palaces and parks of XVIII-XIX centuries. This stone construction is more elegant and free in choosing forms and sizes. Usually it is made of natural stone and looks substantially and durable in using. It inherited the best tradition of “antique”, “barocco” and “rococo” styles from English, French and Italian gardens. Today stone garden house can be decorated with original iron-shod and cast-iron elements on the railings of balustrades and a roof.  Classic rotund columns in stone garden houses are replaced with original granite and marble statues – descendants of Atlases and caryatids. The walls of such garden house can be decorated with stone carving that successfully substitutes some fragments of balustrade.

Actually, any simple project of round or square garden house of granite or marble can be turned in the great masterpiece! For instance, a stone garden house in antique style.

Garden house in antique style.

Antique style dictates white, milky colour of stone maximum opened construction, classic greek columns or stone statues traditional for this style.

Garden house in barocco and rococo styles.

Such stone garden houses are often demanded in Europe part of Russia. White, milky, pink and creamy marble, forging, fussy, light and openwork laces are usually add lightness and airiness to the construction. The size of such garden house is minimal, because this delicate décor will look amusingly on higher and massive constructions.

These constructions are frequently supplemented with elegant swing.

East type of garden house.

East type of garden house from “Wellstone” company, a producer of natural stone wares, is imitates style decisions of Japanese or Chinese garden house, and also can be produced of granite, marble and limestone.

Full integration with the nature and harmony, full detachment and contemplation – is the philosophy of East and the main purpose of Japanese and Chinese garden houses, which look like pagoda.

A’la Rus garden house.

A’la Rus garden house is ideal option for those who like sitting near Russian furnace. There are place as for hostess, as for guests, as for dinner tables, which can be easily set on free area of garden house opened from three sides. Optionally we can provide the place for cooking with barbeque zone.

Advantages and dignities of rotundas and garden houses of natural stone

As rotunds, as garden houses, produced of natural granite, marble and limestone, are very durable in case of careful use and easy care. Stone is resistant for fire, temperature changing, ultraviolet, season winds and precipitations. Years will pass and the stone construction will look as new. If you make your choose of design seriously, thoroughly think of the individuality of your project, you will hear a lot of compliments and admirations in your address not once.


We are sure, that rotund and garden house of granite or marble will add more secularity and refinement to the territory of your house, and romantics to your and your relatives mood. Properly chosen stone composition will finish the architecture of landscape logically and create optimal conditions for comfort rest.