Sculptures and statues

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Stone sculpture is a piece of art, created for centuries.  It can help to accent and advantageously design the interior of a house or a flat, and also project the landscape design of suburban house.

“Wellstone” company experts will make any work of art from natural and artificial stone – sculptures, statues, busts, vases and other interior decoration. We produce sculptures from marble, onyx, concrete, granite, dolomite, decorative stone and other materials.

The main expression means of sculpture are position of figure in area, displaying  its’ movement, pose, gesture, light modeling, that strengthen the relief of figure, architectonic volume organization, visual effect of its’ mass, weight ratio, proportions, specific character of silhouette.

There are several types of sculpture

  1. Round sculpture is replaceable, available for viewing from all sides. This group includes statues, torsos, busts, statuettes – small size statues.
  2. Relief – is a kind of sculpture on a flat surface. Types of relief: a bas-relief and a high-relief. Bas-relief is a low convexity relief (less than a half of volume), and high-relief bulges above the surface more than a half of volume.

Sculpture kinds by purpose

  1. Monument sculpture can be dedicated to some historical events or great persons.
  2. Monument-decorative sculpture is a sculpture, adorning facades, indoor interiors and elements of entire composition – bridges, fountains, triumphal arch and small architectural forms (alcove, decorative constructions), and also parks and gardens.
  3. Indoor sculpture is a sculpture for exhibitions, museums, residential interiors and for sale.
  4. Small form sculpture – small sculptures for decorating residential interiors: statuettes, desktop portraits, etc.

Volume sculpture form is built in real space by the rules of harmony, rhythm, balance, interaction with architecture or nature around, and on the base of observed anatomic (structural) features of a model.

“Wellstone” company will make sculptures by individual, typical or authors’ project, add your interior luxury and unrepeatable charm. Small stone sculpture can be an excellent gift, memorable for years.

If you want to decor your house or garden with stone sculpture, call +7 (843) 259-65-08

Marble is the most popular material for sculptures of all times.

The greatest popularity stays after Italy marble – famous white sculpture marble is extracted near Carrara in Tuskany. For many centuries Carrara marble is known as a very unusual material, one of the world miracles – it can transmit light on the 3 cm depth! Michelangelo Buonarroti used to work with it. It’s white, brilliant, easy to grind – nowadays this stone is used for most complex and refined works in sculpture. Parian yellow marble, extracted in Greece, is also very famous, it was used by ancient greek sculptors, and their works we admire today.  The main characteristic of marble encrypted in its’ name – from greek “marmaros” means “sparkling stone”.

Exactly this ability to shine in sun lights, to show unrepeatable play of light made ancient greeks to set eyes on this material, build dozens of temples from it, create statues, which gracefulness and plasty we admire after hundreds of years.

Besides that, marble has several more features, that makes it possible to stay the most popular sculpture material: processing convenience; marble is plasty, easy to polish and grind; it’s elastic enough and isn’t cracking from first beat, giving an opportunity to carve arts of different forms; it’s long-lived – white marble shows its’ “age changes” after 100-150 years.

Our designers will help you to choose the sculpture, that will fit in the interior harmoniously and will reflect your individuality.

Christian religion, as main form of worldview, largely defined the character of European sculpture of middle ages. Sculpture is the necessary element of roman cathedrals architecture.

Sculpture plays the most notable role in gothic art: reliefs and statues of apostles, prophets,  saints, fantastic creatures and real faces strew cathedral portals, top tier galleries, turret niches and cornice ledges. Sculpture makes architecture more “humanized”, enhances its’ spiritual saturation.

Relief art get the very high level in Ancient Russia (Kiev slate reliefs, Vladimir-Suzdal temple interiors). In middle ages sculpture art got its’ wide development in countries of Middle and Far East. Great world importance got sculpture art in India, Indonesia, Indo-China – there it has monumental character, combines power of buildings volumes with sensual refinement of modeling.

“Wellstone” company will make sculptures by individual, typical or authors’ project, add your interior luxury and unrepeatable charm, call +7 (843) 259-65-08.