Sinks of natural and artificial stones

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Marble items in the flats and homes are no longer considered a luxury and don’t surprise guests. The most common and frequent item made of stone is marble sink. According to its characteristics and the positive features, it is ahead of other used analogues (such as stainless steel, metal).

Attractive surface and texture, high temperature resistance, environmental friendliness, ease of care and accessibility are advantages of sinks of natural material. Our company manufactures and sells natural stone products.

The site presents only high quality products, the features of which are as follows:

  • sink made of granite have a perfect design;
  • items’ cost is affordable and fair;
  • large variety of prints and textures that are suitable for any interior.

Each and every website user has the ability to view the natural stone sinks in details, clarify the costs and other nuances. Our staff is available to answer all customer questions and provide professional advice.