Slabs of granite and marble

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Slabs of granite and marble


Slab (slab) is a plate-large-size workpiece thickness of 20, 30 or 40 mm.  Minimum tolshhena sljeba of quartz agglomerate 12 mm.


The slabs can raspililivat'sja any natural stone extracted in blocks. But most of the slabs are made of the following breeds:

Hard woods Absolut-black
Granite Bainbrook Brown
Labradorite China Green

Granite slabs-the harmony of natural stone

Granite slabs are not only harvesting but also the largest square seamless facing element. Granite texture sljeba is suitable for the most precise design solutions, both internal and external finishing of stone.

Furnish of facades with granite has always been used by mankind, she was always in "Vogue". Granite façade carries not only a vector of reliability and confidence in the future, but expresses the solidity of the firm.

Granite slab, the highest indicator of strength, durability, moisture resistance and frost resistance, low abrasion factor.

They vary in size and are ideal for manufacturing the following products:

  • Custom large format plates for facing of floors, Interior and exterior steps, at the objects with great maneuverability (Metro, train stations, subways, shopping and entertainment establishments, offices, etc.);
  • Facing plates of large sizes-furnish of facades, Cap (suitable for regions with harsh climates)
  • Interior and exterior window sills; stairs, railings
  • Mantel shelves; countertops for the kitchen; barbecue zone
  • Elements of the memorial complexes and urban monuments, solo ritual items

Texture the surface of slabs production process immediately make polished, sometimes (e.g. for outdoor steps) are pilenuju the invoice.
Increasingly polished granite slabs are used for cladding of floors in premises and domestic manufacturing.

For exterior cladding steps heat-treated facture gives the product from rough slabs anti-slip properties.

Using granite slab for facing of a surface, you get a unique and permanent (as opposed to slab) natural drawing on a large area. Tabletop, window sill or panels above the fireplace is made from whole sljeba, acquire a unique and magnificent view. Internal finish of the granite sljebami is widely used as a town (apartments, Studio apartments) and rustic construction, landscape design. We continually strive to feel the breath and harmony of nature

Soft rocks Dark emperador

This group includes the most vysokodekorativnye stones. They are used most often in the Interior, as their performance, frost resistance, hardness, friability below than the Group of solid rock. Here are the main products that are made from soft slabs of natural stone:

  • Large flagstones floors, walls and columns inside the premises;
  • Internal steps in private homes and buildings with low traffic areas;
  • wall panels, parts lift portals and arches in public buildings (stations, offices, shops, hospitals, etc.);
  • Countertops for bathrooms, saunas sunbeds, cladding basins;
  • Details of the facade and entrance groups (except for the external steps) buildings in regions with a relatively mild climate.

Quartz agglomerate

Black imperial

Agglomerate slabs have precise dimensions, because this stone is extracted as natural. Agglomerate is a class of artificial stones, based on a specific technology on special equipment, using a polymer Binder and natural stones. Agglomerates are not relevant to won in the rocks.

For production of agglomerates used special equipment-vibrating screen. Mix crumbs, crushed stones, pigments and Binder vakkumiruetsja, then enters in vibration, where pressing the mixture with simultaneous vibration. Vibration ensures the most dense packing of stone, pressing allows you to link them into a single monolith.

So, the size of the sljeba of sinter based on marble 3050h1240 mm, size sljeba of sinter based on quartz 3050h1400mm. It is important to note the difference between aglomeratom and natural stones, pattern and colours of each sljeba of natural marble, granite, Onyx and travertine, slabs of agglomerate same identical.

Agglomerate is quite interesting material on its properties, it is almost the same as natural stone, but is an artificial composite. Agglomerates are applied in the same market segments, as the natural marble and granite.

On the properties of agglomerates are closest to natural stones, than artificial stones, won what is connected with extremely low content of polymer in them-4%. In fact, the polymer in agglomerates is used only for surface particle communication stones.

Surface texture

Since the slabs are mainly used for the manufacture of polished products, the production process make them polished. In rare cases (for example, when designed for slabs of outdoor steps) have pilenuju slabs texture surface.

For internal facing of floors and stairs, as well as walls and facades.

Polished Polished slabs used for cladding of floors in premises and domestic manufacturing. While it is not recommended to use exterior polished granite slabs for treads and platforms, because on the street without additional funds anti-skid they are slippery.

For exterior cladding.

Heat-treated. Heat-treated facture gives the product from rough slabs anti-slip properties.

The application of the

Exterior trim:

Large format plates Cover plates Stage Barbecue zone Ritual products

Interior finish:

Large format plates Cover plates Stage Window sills Tables
Railing Bar racks Wall Pano Kaminny Mantel shelves

Specifications and features

Comp slabs have the same qualities as the slab, but have large dimensions and weight, so they require caution when transporting and manufacturing products.

At facing of sljebami marble, Onyx and other gemstones with streaks and uneven picture is an interesting feature. Located mirrored slabs create contrast between the severity of symmetry and randomness of veins that looks very impressive.

mirrow"Mirror" of the large slab layout

This feature is used for facades, wall panels, floors, fireplaces, etc.


sizeSlabs sizes Sljeba sizes are dependent on size of cutting block, and the thickness is from products designed slab. Slabs have an average size of 0.6 × 1.8 m to 2 × 3 m, thickness-20 or 30 mm.
Slabs have jagged edges around the perimeter, so not always indicated in the dimensions and the useful part of the sljeba.


The approximate weight of 1 m2 sljeba standard thickness: 20 mm-55 kg, 30 mm-83 kg.


Process for the manufacture of granite slabs

Slab sawing is a product unit at shtripsovom, rope or orthogonal.


Slabs have no special packaging. Their storage and handling is carried out by means of metal racks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the large slab of granite

originalSljebami cladding on the big square Slab is not only harvesting but also the largest square seamless facing element. Applying it to the lining of the surface, you get a unique and permanent (as opposed to slab) natural drawing on a large area. Tabletop, window sill or panels above the fireplace is made from whole sljeba, acquire a unique and magnificent views, especially when using marble with proveins. It is worth noting that the revetment of sljebami and articles thereof (for example, steps) is significantly more expensive than the same elements with the modular oven.

The cost of the

The main impact on the cost of one square metre m2 has a type of stone, size and thickness. You can find out the exact cost of the Manager using the form below to send messages on this page, or by contacting him by phone +7 (843) 259-65-08.