Staircases of natural and artificial stones

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Marble staircases and steps

Staircase is not all an architectural element. Pretty often the appearance of the stairs is becoming a major stroke in the general interior. Granite and marble staircases allow successfully combine aesthetic quality and utility. Stairs made of natural stone give the buildings and rooms refined, expensive, noble appearance. At the same time, in addition to aesthetic qualities, stairs made of granite and marble are characterized by high strength and durability.

Natural stone is a material that can maintain its quality for a very long time. Staircase made of marble or granite is a piece for a full due. Stairs made of granite are timeless. Its life can easily make several centuries.

Marble and granite stairs

Granite stairs can be used both outside and inside the premises. They are tamperproof. Stairs made of granite do not require additional care and will remain the same in all climatic conditions.

Marble staircases in the interior

Marble staircases are also strong and durable, but mostly suitable for indoor use. In addition to this, marble steps require special care. If treated with special fluids marble steps will last long period of time and will preserve an attractive finish.

Manufacture peculiarities of stone staircases

Dealing with stone staircases manufacture for several years, we brought to perfection all the technologies and we know everything about the peculiarities of different materials.

  1. Manufacture begins with the development of a design project, the overall concept and selection of materials. You can either follow the recommendations of experts or make your own decision. Anyway, it is important to bear in mind the characteristics of certain types of materials, their features in different conditions.
  2. After specialists manufacture single elements and combine them into architectural entity.
  3. The last stage is the staircase installation.
  4.  Well, the key element of any product is stair itself. We make stairs as of ceramic granite and other materials. The choice depends on the characteristics of a room or an open space and the wishes of the client as well as on his financial capacity.
  5. For the production of low-cost stairs we can offer the Chinese steps of ceramic granite. They are of good quality, but cut down the expenses. Typical details usage also gives opportunities to reduce costs.
  6. For luxurious units, we use more expensive materials.

We should keep in mind that customized production will cost more. But you can choose the desired shape, stone dressing type, product specialty at the cost.

Special attention is given to steps’ surface. It may be:

  • aged,
  • grounded,
  • polished,
  • heat-treated.

The price of marble or granite staircases shall comprise following elements – size, stone dressing of stairs, banister and riser types, etc. The final cost is defined after the preparation of the staircase project. You may buy staircases made of natural stone by us. High quality of all works is guaranteed.

In addition

Important parts of the stone staircases are also rises, banisters and balusters. Together they form a coherent structure that may turn an ordinary house into a real palace.