Stairs of natural and artificial stones

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Stairs made of stone is a bold and innovative solution for the vertical design of bearing structures made of metal or concrete. Every day we overcome the way to the second, third or fourth floor, walking upstairs and downstairs. Every day the stairs of artificial stone are subject of certain impact and wear because of a great amount of people passing by, and so they should be not only beautiful and elegant, but also reliable and durable.

Today stairs can be made from a variety of materials, but one of the most popular is stone both natural and artificial. Artificial stone has an advantage over other materials. And it is its strength. Stairs for staircases made of artificial stone can be installed in the streets as they outride temperature and humidity. It goes without saying that these steps are suitable for the indoor stairscases.

Agglomerates or artificial stone is a better material than natural stone. It is characterized by far more useful features than natural. Therefore, choosing agglomerate stairs for stone staircases, you cannot go wrong – they have a whole range of undeniable advantages.

Stairs made of artificial stone are good because they can be cut in to any size: a semi-circular and rectangular, radial and splined shape. Thickness may increase in by gluing up to 60 – 80 mm. All time factors are strength and heat resistance, high density and hardness, imporosity and durability – this is only a small part of the merits of the artificial stone stairs.

Agglomerate stairs

Extraordinary strength and resistance to abrasion are number one advantages of the agglomerate stairs. In spite of high price (compared to natural materials such as granite and marble) agglomerate stairs will last much longer and do not require any special care. At the same time, they will always maintain its original beauty.

Choosing the stairs, it is worth to remember that the finishing element is exposed to high load. This is especially true of those buildings higher foot traffic: hotels, railway stations, shopping centers, etc. That is why the choice of material for the stairs should be conditional strength first of all…

Agglomerate is the material which strength and durability is no doubt, that is why we can say with confidence that the agglomerate stairs are the most abrasion-resistant, wear-resistant, and therefore also durable.

Agglomerate stairs are hardly subjected to mechanical damage. So by selecting this material, you may not worry about the stairs repolishing after a certain time. All the stains and dirt can be removed with a simple cleaning, thus will maintain perfect surface of stairs for a long time.

Agglomerate is a material that allows manufacturing stairs of any shape and size: straight and curved, spiral and even sidesteps. The material strength allows making stairs like floating in the air.

Stairs from a material such as an agglomerate will always delight you with its beauty, reliability and ease of maintenance.

Steps for pools

Quartz characteristics make it possible to use quarts stairs in rooms with high humidity. They do not absorb moisture and free of mould growth. So it’s great for swimming baths, bathrooms and swimming pools.

Choose the best for yourself! Stairs made of artificial stone are practically free of main disadvantages. They will become a highlight of the interior, manifest style and modernity. Unique structure and wide range of colors, nacre additives and decorative mirrors, colored glass and aventurine allow you to create a surface that is suitable for different stylistic way.