Tiling of facades with natural and artificial stones

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Items made from natural materials are becoming very fashionable. Construction and repair workers more often use finishing the materials that are time tested. How to buy item stones so they will serve faithfully for many years? The following materials are usually used for manufacturing various items and materials.

  • granite is the most solid and durable material, suitable for areas with intensive use;
  • marble is not as sturdy as granite. Marble is the most popular decorative wall tiles for thousands of years due to the natural beauty and its features. Marble has many shades and unique stone pattern;
  • slate is a material of medium-strength, gray with blue and greenish shades, suitable for wet areas and external works;
  • travertine has a tree-like pattern and color, relatively soft material, but with proper care will serve you many years;
  • onyx is a semi-precious stone, onyx flooring is not cheap, but they look luxurious
  • other natural materials

Облицовка фасада

Natural stone tiles are widely used in finishing works. Natural stone tiles have variety of natural shades. The price is higher than on a regular tile, but it is designed for a long life, in addition, gives respectability and solidity to any building where it is used.

Облицовка камнем