Window sill of natural and artificial stones

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Window area without sill looks at least strange, and the interior of all rooms seems just unfinished. That is why sills are very important to the formation of a holistic perception of the interior. Not only traditional white window sills of plastic are used nowadays but those of stone both natural and artificial, such as quartz agglomerate. Window sill of natural stone are expensive, but worth it! Stone sills give the interior respectability and chic, they are durable, aesthetically pleasing and durable. But they have drawbacks that limit their use, and it is not price. Natural stone is a very porous material, so water and dirt will accumulate in them and eventually a window sill will lose its color and clarity. Spots will remain and soon presentable appearance will remain in the past.

Quartz agglomerate possessing strength, durability and aesthetics of natural stone has a number of advantages that make it a completely unique material. It is absolutely non-porous, so when treated with water all the dirt and germs are easily removed: no stains and dirt, no germs! The appearance of polished stone, a huge variety of colors and shades (about 500) will allow easily and seamlessly complement any interior. The quartz agglomerate plasticity and ease of workability allows making the window sill of almost any size and shape. Sills made of quartz agglomerate easy to repair and can be corrected at the same time without any seams or joints. The sill of the agglomerate is pleasant to touch, it is warm, unlike the natural stone is always cold. The limited color solutions of natural stone sills make a decision in favor of quartz agglomerate even more efficient and adequate.