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China Green Granite is quarried in China.

Green Granites in the world a bit, and this natural stone is one of them. The deep green of the natural granite will always attract attention, its structure is similar to Labradorite. It looks expensive, both in interiors and exteriors.

This stone is unique in that it is suitable for any kinds of works, from paving slabs to exquisite interiors. Any product from this natural stone will look unique and rich, thanks to a rich dark green color and medium uniform structure of granite China Green G401.

Buy natural granite China Green you can in warehouses holding Venezia. Stone Company in any convenient for you size, there is a possibility of ordering any products from China.


  • Volumetric weight: 2670 kg/m3
  • Water absorption: 0.19%
  • Compressive strength: 134.5 Mpa
  • Abrasion resistance: 0.13 g/cm2
  • Deposit: China