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Travertine or travertines are a group of porous limestone, formed by deposition of calcium carbonate from hot or cold springs. Travertine is the intermediate form of the stones between limestone and marble. If limestone leave under a lot of pressure for a significant time (Millennium), it can turn out travertine (as obtained from peat, coal). Travertine texture is very porous. The porosity of the travertine comes from sulfur dioxide bubbles that rise to the surface through layers of lime mixture. Sometimes in your illustration contains plant prints travertine, and sometimes sinks of terrestrial or freshwater gastropod. Compared with dense limestone is less density, âčeistost′û, more frequent inclusions of shells. Optional travertine fill pores all kinds of plaster is transparent or a special right color. .. A large part of the travertine has a shade of light-beige to walnut. Also, depending on the processing of stone stone color heavily played. The stone has a light beige tones in raw raspilennom form or polishing and acquires pronounced yellows or brown colour when polished. Travertine has been used since ancient times to create architectural monuments and homes. People have learned to handle it, make sculptures, statues and more. Today, travertine is used mainly as a building and facing stone, suitable for external furnish of facades, socles, and interior decoration in the form of floor and wall tiles. Travertine belong to moderately istiraemym breeds, and therefore can be used as material for stairs and flooring. The relatively high thermal conductivity travertine can be successfully apply it to decorate fireplaces. Travertine is not resistant to the effects of various acids, so use it as a main material of kitchen tops is possible only after a special surface treatment. travertine easily handled, and due to the lower density of the stone made of travertine marble details and designs have lower weight with sufficient strength. This makes them an active application in creating all kinds of decorative elements of the outer and inner lining. Travertine is a great material for window sills, tabletops, various vases, balusters, columns and other articles. The same travertine has found its application in landscape design
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